Nuclear Cooling tower. "The will is much stronger than nuclear power."

Nuclear Cooling tower

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  • "The will is much stronger
    than nuclear power."

    One of the two unfinished cooling towers near reactor 5 and 6. They were under construction at the time of the accident. The original plan in the 70s and 80s was to have a huge power plant with up to 12 blocks, by far the biggest in the Soviet Union. After the accident the construction of the reactors 5 and 6 continued, but due the high levels of radiation in the area were put on hold on January 1st 1988 with most of the machinery left behind. When the Soviet Union dissolved a couple of years later and Ukraine became a sovereign state the plans of expanding the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant were finally scrapped and so the construction site became another abandoned place in that area.
    Inside this massive cooling tower were some spots with high level radiatons. Because the reverberated inside, you could hear the Geiger counter twice as hard with a big echo.

      Shots by Yoerie